Last week, BountyMode’s ‘Bureau’ put out a call for gamers that wanted to join us on our indie gem hunt. We were super-excited to get a few new recruits.

One that aced our bootcamp, and should already be parachuting somewhere over the El Dorado of indie games, is @TheWoWExp.

WoW is artist, gamer, and writer. So she’s taking on both Skiptracer and Fixer assignments from ‘The Bureau’. #StuffOfLegend.

Since WoW is hunting for point-and-click adventures, walking simulators, and hidden object games, make sure you ping her for reports on those genres. You can also find her streaming some of the more exciting episodes of her journey on Twitch.

And yes. WoW does have extensive knowledge of World of Warcraft.

TheWoWExp’s Indie Game Giveaway!

Yesterday WoW was sighted figuring out who murdered the alphabet (or something of that nature).

She’s still searching for clues but in the meantime she’s dropped a little giveaway for you indie game fans out there. Come to think of it, her giveaway’s not so little.

WoW’s giving away a neat little point-and-click package containing:

To join the giveaway, just click below!

BountyMode Indie Game Giveaway

Don’t forget to follow @TheWoWExp and @TGXP3 to keep up to date with WoW’s latest feats. You can visit our basecamp today to meet and greet with other bounty hunters. We’re waiting for you!

Carpe Diem!