Every time we’re getting ready to hit “Publish” on our update that has all the juicy bits about BountyMode’s launch, something seems to go wrong.

A week ago it was an international emergency involving spies and nuclear launch codes, and this week it’s a bug infestation. It almost feels like a survival round with enemies spawning endlessly.

We’ll get there though. Although we’re so disappointed to announce that BountyMode’s achievement hunting platform won’t be launching today, we’re happy to say it won’t be long from now. We’ve decided it’s better to keep that day as a sort of surprise. We don’t want to risk another miscalculation. Stay tuned!

In much better news, we do have the promised update on The Summer Solstice Challenge. Ready?

The Summer Solstice Challenge: Extended

Remember: the challenges below are simply bonus activities. Instructions for the base challenge are here. You won’t be eligible for bonus prizes unless you complete the base challenge too.

Bonus 1

With all the ups and downs one thing remains certain: it’s been a really hot month. You know what we could use with our GamerJuice?

Challenge: I – C – E

Complete achievements in any 3 indie games of your choice. However, the first letter of any indie game you 100% must be one of the letters above. Complete this challenge to gain access to the Cheevo Champions Bonus 1 giveaway.

N.B.: Definite or indefinite articles don’t count towards the title of a game. For example, The Silent Age counts as ‘S’, not as ‘T’. If you’re unsure about a possible entry, just tweet us or drop a message in our Discord.

Bonus 2

Challenge: One of the games from the ICE challenge should have an average/expected 100% completion playtime (determined by Astats or a similar tracking platform) of more than 10 hours.


Follow the standard rules.

Deadline: June 30th, 11:59 pm CEST.


While we intended to announce the prizes today, we’ll have to scramble them due to the launch not taking place today. However, we will reconfigure the prizes and announce them tomorrow.

Once again, thanks to everyone for bearing with us through these development pains! We know that you’re as itchy to see the BountyMode platform as we are, but your patience will be rewarded.

Carpe Diem!