Before you ask, we really have no idea why “May The Sith Bewitch You” is the title of this post. It probably has something to do with the fact that we meant to post this challenge on May 4th, Star Wars Day, but didn’t make it, and we’re still trying to sound catchy. However, you didn’t hear that from us. 😅

As we get ready to fully incarnate from our resurrection, there’s a lot on our plate. So without further ado, we’ll get right into this month’s Star Wars challenge!

The Star Wars Challenge

Last month we started Cheevo Champions, where we challenge gamers to unlock all achievements in indie games and win prizes. This month, we’ve got a new challenge and an update to the rules. First, let’s talk about the challenge itself.

Challenge: S – T – A – R – W – A – R – S

The first letter of any indie game you hundo must be one of the letters above. Some letters appear twice, but you must use each single letter (S, T, A, R, & W) at least once. Complete this challenge to gain access to the Cheevo Champions giveaway. We’ll announce the prizes later this week, but they’ll be three out of a selection of hot indie games.

N.B.: Definite or indefinite articles don’t count towards the title of a game. For example, The Silent Age counts as ‘S’, not as ‘T’. If you’re unsure about a possible entry, just tweet us or drop a message in our Discord.

Bonus: If you succeed in spelling out “Star Wars” completely, you’ll gain entry into an extra giveaway for the DXG #2 extra bundle that’s still available.

Rules: There are three main updates to the rules that you should be aware of.

  1. The hundos you post should have been achieved at most 5 days prior to posting (instead of 3).
  2. Order GamerJuice to get XP. When you post your hundo in our #trophy-channel, also write the command !gamerjuice to get your XP for that post. We’ll explain this further in a little bit.
  3. No achievement spam games: Anyone can flag a post as achievement spam with a thumbs-down emoji. Mods will then review and may deduct points.

Deadline: May 20th, 11:59 pm CEST.

Introducing Bartender

One of our very own community agents and rockstars created a custom bot for our Discord server. Be sure to say hi to @Bartender when you visit us.

Bartender serves GamerJuice to thirsty bounty hunters. As we mentioned before, when you post a hundo for the Cheevo Champions challenge in #trophy-room, don’t forget to use the command !gamerjuice. This will automatically award your XP for that hundo, and you can start climbing the ranks to Cheevo Champion.

You can go to #bot-service and type !rank to check how much XP you currently have.

And please: do throw some GamerJuice at the Bounty Hunter and Agent @Leeson for making our bot. He’s already working on more!

That about wraps up this update. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Steam if you haven’t already not to miss a beat.

Carpe Diem!