Owlboy has been on my list for several years. I honestly thought I would never have the chance to play it, but happily I finally had! And here I come, careful with not spoiling anyt-hing but at the same time willing to share some details of the adventure: are you ready?

What obviously hit my sense so hard the first time was its pixel art. Have you ever seen something so beautifully designed? It mixes the fantastic ambient of nature with buildings, floating islands and mystical creatures. It’s a good reason to test the game, at least.

Owlboy | BountyMode Review

I immediately discovered, however, that it wasn’t gonna be a peaceful run: Owlboy is hard! I know, I know: it doesn’t seem like it, but I can assure you the developers aren’t new in this field. The puzzles are tricky, some bosses very tough and the dungeons feel extremely long. The game isn’t very extensive, but its curve of difficulty makes sure you don’t speedrun it on your first playthrough. You’ve been advised!

It, nevertheless, offers plenty of stuff to do: you can get bonus stats for collecting coins, or pause your journey and complete minigames with some lovely fellows. The ambient is so well designed it’s so easy to just dive in headfirst. Just take a look at the main city’s theme: it radiates happiness!

In conclusion, Owlboy is a game I enjoyed way more than I expected. The story, thank goodness, isn’t following any clichés and the gameplay is fun and rewarding. If you love indie games and pixel art you definitely should try this one!