We flipped when our friends at IndieGala suggested On Rusty Trails as one of the games for our first lineup of bounties.

Not only have we been fans of Black Pants Studio sinceĀ Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers. We knew that On Rusty Trails had to be their absolute most underrated game.

We get a dopamine kick if you discover hidden gems through BountyMode (it’s true!). So we hope you enjoy the On Rusty Trails Bounty Hunt #1. The game is, without a doubt, the ‘rustiest’ gem with a sparkle that we know!

If you want, skip the intro and scroll down to the bounty announcement further below or just start hunting now.

Best Deal for On Rusty Trails

On Rusty Trails is now available on IndieGala at 85% off which is a new historical low (at the time of this writing). It even comes with a neat little digital comic DLC!


Double-check first though, chances are that you picked it up in Humble Bundle’s Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017.

On Rusty Trails – intro

On Rusty Trails is a modern, illustrative platformer, set in a prejudiced world that is ever suspicious of appearances.

In interviews, Black Pants Studio has explained that On Rusty Trails is actually a game about racism.

You are Elvis. Home owner, triangular metal person and lover of dryness. A sudden thunderstorm leaves your house dissolved into a pile of rubble. Only lightning-fast reactions will keep you from a looming rusty funeral.

But there’s a war brewing between two tribes: rusty reds (you’re one of them) and hairy blues.

Don your Shifty Suit to incognito yourself and and walk among suspicious hairy folk. Perilous puzzles and prejudiced platforms will bar your way in this deceptively complex gaming experience.

On Rusty Trails

On Rusty Trails – Bounty Announcement


We’re putting out a bounty for the following On Rusty Trails achievements:

  • Did It All: Complete the game
  • Inventor’s Childhood: Find the room the inventor grew up in
  • Limited Rewards: Free bundle of your choice from IndieGala | 500 available
  • Unlimited Rewards: Exclusive -50% IndieGala Voucher for Black Pants Studio games*

*An Exclusive IndieGala Voucher, like the name suggests, is redeemable only on the IndieGala store.

Steam Group Prerequisites

You must belong to the following Steam groups to be eligible for this bounty:


You must complete the tasks for this bounty before: October 29th, 12:00 am GMT.

Carpe Diem!

This bounty is sponsored by IndieGala.

IndieGala - sponsoring bounty on BountyMode

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