Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight starts with a maple leaf-wielding priestess called Kaho, that arrives, from the sacred village of Lun, at Karst City (sounds like a pun on the word ‘cursed’) to stop a curse from spreading across the land and her village.

To eliminate the curse, she needs to defeat the queen. Some items often tell bits of the plot too, similar to Dark Souls. There are two endings to the game. To achieve the best ending possible, [Click For Spolier]—which is a more powerful weapon.

It gets pretty dark the more you progress. There are some hidden quests throughout the story, like helping the skeleton man find his love again [Click For Spolier]. This is the fourth installment of the Momodora series, with this one being the best and most polished.


It’s amazing! It sounds so mysterious and eerie and I love it. The music is really well done and suits the game perfectly. There are 21 soundtracks in total and they are all made by Elektrobear.



Difficult, but a lot of fun. Controls feel great and the character feels very responsive. You use arrow keys to move; A to jump or double jump if you press it twice; S to melee and mash it for triple combo attack; D to shoot arrows, and later you get upgrades that allow you to charge arrows for greater spread and damage; Q for rolls which you use to dodge enemies and move faster (and you later unlock air dodge which makes it even faster); and W for changing items.

It’s a metroidvania platformer which means that you choose where you want to go, and that there are a lot of items to collect. Some you can’t collect right away, since you need required power-ups (like the cat sphere to get through the tight spaces) to get to them, and some are hidden [Click For Spolier].

Some items can be purchased for currency called ‘munnies’ which enemies drop when they’re killed. Collectibles in the game are ivory bugs which you trade off to the bunny in Whiteleaf Memorial Park; health containers which expand your HP a bit; and then collectables you get for taking no damage during boss battles. The latter are usually very good items you can equip.


Boss battles are quite tough, especially on harder difficulties. The hardest boss in the game is undoubtedly the queen. You need to defeat her 3 times in a row.

There are 4 difficulties in the game: easy, normal, hard and insane. Trying to beat insane is very, very challenging; basically to beat it you need to go through the entire game without being touched even once. The game is about 6 hours long or even more if you are a completionist.


Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight has that 16-bit anime-ish art and it looks beautiful. The amount of details on the characters and environment makes it feel gorgeous. It’s nice just watching the main character move around. The background has some movements, but not too much, like lights in some levels or swinging roses and slight shading shifts from darker to brighter (example in Whiteleaf Memorial Park). There are a lot of particles that float around; like in Karst City, there’s some white stuff, I assume snow. When the screen moves with you, the background moves with you too, and I love when games do that.

I highly recommend this game to fans of platformers and anyone interested in these kinds of games. It’s totally worth its full price.

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