You know that what-the-heck mood when you just wanna run, gun and blow up everything in your path? Now, there’s an app for that. Oops, we mean a game. Just another game. Heckpoint.

The indie team — NODACOY  — that created Heckpoint aren’t pretending to be original. “…We are huge fans of classics like Castlevania and Diablo, and it’s gonna be really kinda hard for us not to add those elements to our games.”

And that’s absolutely fair, because usually we want the same thing just not the exact same thing. Why on earth are we getting philosophical here? 🤔

Totally uncalled for, folks. We apologize.

Do you want to dispatch some baddies and unlock some cheevos or what?

If you want, skip the intro and scroll down to the bounty announcement further below or just start hunting now.

Best Deal for Heckpoint

Heckpoint was in IndieGala’s Black Friday Special Bundle last year. If you’ve got that long of a backlog you need to get your priorities straight. Are you an achievement hunter or not?

🤭 Just kidding. Seriously, playing Heckpoint just puts one in that kind of mood.

If you want to support the devs (and they clearly need a lot of help) the game lists at $7.99. But what the Heckpoint, right?

(It’s really hard to tell if all of this sounds encouraging, actually.)


Heckpoint – intro

For the record, we absolutely love Heckpoint but each time we open our mouth… that is… tap our — you know what? Here’s how NODACOY describes it (paraphrased):

“Part bullet hell, part hack ‘n’ slash, part rogue-lite action-packed insanity with over 70 perks to unlock, 6 worlds to destroy and 7 unique characters, set to a completely original soundtrack.”


“Fight back the hordes [of interdimensional conquerors], unlock powerful and devastating weapons. Customize your load-out and head out into the glitch for heart-pounding brutal action. Destroy the world, your enemies, everything. Find the obelisk. Can you reach the HECKPOINT?”

Heckpoint is also a pro-gen, side-scrolling, shoot-em-up. You know, just making sure we tick all the right buzzwords.

OMG! Why can’t we make it sound like we like it?! We’re “glitched” for sure.


Heckpoint – Bounty Announcement


We’re putting out a bounty for the following Heckpoint achievements:

  • X Killer: Get a 10 kill streak
  • Explorer: Unlock all worlds
  • Limited Rewards: Free bundle of your choice from IndieGala | 500 available
  • Unlimited Rewards: Exclusive IndieGala Voucher for 50% off bundle of your choice*

*An Exclusive IndieGala Voucher, like the name suggests, is redeemable only on the IndieGala store.

Steam Group Prerequisites

You must belong to the following Steam groups to be eligible for this bounty:


You must complete the tasks for this bounty before: October 29th, 12:00 am GMT.

Carpe Diem!

This bounty is sponsored by IndieGala.

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