Faster Than Light (aka FTL) is one of those games: hard to learn, harder to master. It was developed by Subset Games, a two talented people studio with plenty of ideas and love for videogames. They also made Into The Breach, but today we’ll look up to the sky, focusing on FTL.

Our main task is in this cool roguelike is to lead a Rebel spaceship across the vast Universe while fleeing from the Empire fleet. As the player, we’ll manage the spaceship functionalities: the oxygen, shields, fuel, weaponry power… As I advised, the first rounds are stunning: what is going on? Why are my characters losing hit points? What do I do, lord?

As mentioned, FTL is a roguelike game, so each time our spaceship is destroyed or the crew dies we’ll have to restart from scratch. Worry not, though: there are plenty of spaceships to unlock, each one with different weaponry and stats for the sake of a more fluid gameplay.

RNG, applying for Random Number Generator, is responsible for making things random and is strongly present in every decision in FTL: should I lend a hand to a spaceship crying for help? The crew could be grateful and gift us some fuel and scraps (money) OR it could be a bandit trap and kill a crew member! You never know what the Universe has in store for you…

This cool and cheap indie game can gift hours and hours of entertainment, because the more experienced we become, the more interesting every round gets, having better micro-management of our actions and understanding how to face every situation. FTL has a pause mode in combat which we can use to plan our strategy carefully. I especially like that despite being a “stressful” game, the soundtrack is pretty chill and magic. Check out the menu theme!

I never thought I would enjoy FTL so much, and I strongly recommend it if graphics are not important for your taste: yes, they are sprites, but the game mechanics are so polished that you end up forgetting that this isn’t a 3D Unreal Engine Ultra HD Remaster. It has a very small size and runs on every device!

If I had to say something “bad” about it, it would only be that its achievements are internal and not compatible with the Steam Achievement System. No platinum this time!