Wow! We’re so glad to have made the time to drop this overdue update! We were actually hoping to drop this yesterday, but let’s just say we had a looong day. 🙂

As our Discord community knows, the June 17th launch date turned out to be a false alarm. We got caught up in international emergencies (yes, involving double agents and nuclear launch codes) and we were forced to postpone things until June 24th.

However, it’s all been for the better—trust us. In any case, you’ll find out soon enough! 😉

Right now, it’s time for another party! This one’s going to carry us all the way into our soft launch on Monday, and we really hope you join us and the other bounty hunters.

BountyMode’s Discord-Exclusive Giveaway #5

You are cordially invited to hang out with the web’s coolest bounty hunters at our basecamp. Here are this weekend’s key features:

The Giveaway

  • Grand Prize: Steam Keys + Hunters-Up Prize
  • Hunters-Up Prize (x10): $5 Steam Gift Cards
  • Deadline: Monday, June 24th, 11:59 pm CEST

Check out the DXG #5 Bundle.

A Few Changes…

Entries: There will be two ways to take part in the giveaway: (1) From the #giveaways channel, and (2) from the #champions-giveaway channel. We’ll clarify why we’re making the distinction just below.

New Role: @Champs is a new permanent role that proves you’re a Cheevo Champions veteran. The role will allow you to enter certain exclusive giveaways.

The Grand Prize: From now on, the Grand Prize will only be available to current and former Cheevo Champions—members with the @Champs pass.

Hunters-Up Prize: From now on, half of the Hunters-Up prize pool will be reserved for @Champs.

What does this mean? Well, it means that @Champs do indeed have increased chances of being drawn, because they can enter the giveaway in both channels. However, they cannot win in both channels. If the same winner is drawn in both channels, there’ll be a reroll in the #champion-giveaway channel to determine the next “Hunters-Up” prizewinner.

Also, while the current Cheevo Champions Grand Prize and Hunters-Up winners may win the DXG bundle, they’ll not be eligible to win a Hunters-Up prize. There’ll be a reroll until an eligible winner is found. Let’s spread the love (and the spoils)! 🙂

Does Fortune only Favor the Champs?

Not really. While we’re certainly making the effort to reward the more active members of our community for all their hard work, BountyMode’s web launch next week will usher in a larger prize pool for all.

But yes, the top seasonal prizes will naturally go to members that participate in our activities. That’s what they’re there for!

Caveat: Only Discord accounts with Steam or Twitch connections, HypeSquad status, or some other verifiable connection will be eligible to win!

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The Summer Solstice Challenge

This Cheevo Champions challenge will run from now until June 30th.

The Challenge

  • Get 100% achievements in 1 (one) indie game of your choice.
  • The indie game you choose must have an average/expected 100% completion playtime (determined by Astats or a similar tracking platform) of more than 6 hours.


Follow the standard rules.

Deadline: June 30th, 11:59 pm CEST.

Prizes: The prizes for the Summer Solstice Challenge will be announced shortly after BountyMode’s launch on Monday. There’ll be bonus prizes (including another bundle) and extended challenges that’ll also be announced then so stay sharp.

We’d like to thank everyone in our community for all your patience, all our agents for all your hard work, and we can’t wait to start introducing you to the BountyMode we envision next week!

Carpe Diem!