So, what did you think of the Game of Thrones ending? 😁

OK, seriously, can you believe it’s June already? We’ve now got a fixed date for BountyMode’s launch, but we’ll announce that at the end of DXG #4. Yes, the resurrection is almost complete!

The good news is that we’ve got a bunch of indie studios that we’re working with, and we’re talking to many more. So you’ll have dozens of bounty hunts and challenges to choose from. Guaranteed!

But hey, this is party time. So let’s take a look at what’s in store for DXG #4. (That kinda rhymes if you say it at the right cadence.)

BountyMode’s Discord-Exclusive Giveaway #4

If you haven’t joined our Discord community yet, now’s the moment. We’ve got our usual DXG giveaway bundle with a bunch of Steam games to win. And that’s just the grand prize.

The Giveaway

  • Grand Prize: 55 (fifty-five!) Steam keys + Hunters-Up Prize
  • Hunters-Up Prize (x9): $5 Steam Gift Cards
  • Deadline: Monday, June 3rd, 5:59 pm CEST

And our stretch goal still stands at 500 bounty hunters—we’re at just over 300 as it stands. So invite your friends, and increase your chances of getting in on the prizes. We’ll also double the number of hunters-up prizes if we hit our goal before the deadline.

Here’s the DXG Bundle #4 with 55 Steam keys! And it’s all in alphabetical order too. 🤓

Cheevo Champions Giveaway

The Cheevo Champions Giveaway is also already live, and there’s an amazing lineup of prizes to pick from for the three winners.

The stretch goal we just mentioned above also applies to the Cheevo Champions. If our Discord community hits 500 bounty hunters before the deadline, there’ll be 5 winners instead of 3.

By the way, for the Cheevo Champions that completed the bonus part of the Game of Thrones Challenge, here’s the bundle we’ll be doing another giveaway on! 😋

Caveat: Only Discord accounts with Steam or Twitch connections, HypeSquad status, or some other verifiable connection will be eligible to win!

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Carpe Diem!