It’s been a crazy two weeks of achievement hunting and we all deserve a break, don’t we? We’ve got you covered. Tonight’s gonna be all about GamerJuice galore and lots and lots of giveaways.

Whether you’re still racing towards the finish line of our Star Wars Challenge or you’re a 5-star Cheevo Champion, tonight’s all about relaxing and hanging out with your fellow bounty hunters… With your eyes on the next challenge of course.

Without further ado, let’s get into the program for DXG #3:

BountyMode’s Discord-Exclusive Giveaway #3

As usual, we’ve got the mega giveaway that’s open to everyone in our community. You must be curious about what’s in store.

The Giveaway

  • Grand Prize: 22 (twenty-two!) indie games for Steam + Hunters-Up Prize
  • Hunters-Up Prize (x9): $5 Steam Gift Cards
  • Deadline: Wednesday, May 22nd, 11:59 pm CEST

As usual, there’s a stretch goal. If we hit 500 members in our basecamp, we’ll double the number of hunters-up prizes! Ooh, before we forget, check out the contents of the DXG #3 Bundle!

Don’t wait, the giveaway is live right now!

Twitch Giveaway

When you’ve tossed your party-popper 🎉 at the Giveaway bot, make sure you check out our very own theWoWExp—she’s “unboxing” Irony Curtain on Twitch. But that’s not all. She’s giving out a ton of Steam keys too for lots of good games. Quite frankly, we don’t even know how many. So grab some GamerJuice and chill with her!

Cheevo Champions Giveaway

We can’t way to see what gets picked from the Cheevo Champions prize pool. More recent champions might have missed this, but if we hit our stretch goal for DXG #3, there are going to be not 3, but 9 hunters-up prizes! So help us spread the word, invite your friends, give us a retweet!

And of course, gear up for the next challenge… It’s around the corner, and may surprise you when least expect it.

Caveat: Only Discord accounts with Steam or Twitch connections, HypeSquad status, or some other verifiable connection will be eligible to win!

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If you decide to tweet about this, don’t forget to tag us and use the #DXG hashtag.

Carpe Diem!