It will be a Century’s Heist. You can buy a small country for that emerald, but it’s quite enough for us to have a tropical island with a villa, service and lifetime retirement. The rest of the money will be invested—in state bonds or something similar…

Emerald is on the estate, but if everything goes according to plan, it will be in our sack. And the sack in our hands, and we with our hands far beyond the reach of the police. This and armed guards are minor obstacles. Tiger. Well, this beast can be a slight problem, but a clever thief can handle it. We start at night, it’s just new, so the advantage is on our side. Fifteen minutes and after the case, you know what.

Ready for the burgle of the century? Well, you need to have a knack for it, a natural gift. Here is a list of useful skills. The first is an eye for details, and especially for coins. Pretzels with chocolate—perchance. The second is an attentive ear, one that can listen—not only to the sounds of the environment, but to words as well. Are you listening to me? The third is a knack for technology, because sometimes you’ll have to jack systems or tinker with some other thingamajig.


Nobody is without flaws. Maybe you won’t be saltatory, but we’re not taking you to work in the circus. Maybe you can’t even pick up the phone correctly, but you’re not going there as a secretary. Perhaps you’re also a curmudgeon, but you’re not expected to make public speeches. Get to work, we’ll see each other after the jump! Remember, this is the most profitable quarter of your life!

Ha, so you decided to play something free? All in all, it’s free, so I understand that you can only gain that way. The description on Steam could’ve said something about the game, and I’d say just as much in support of the strike with my review. Okay, maybe you’ll squeeze a few more details out of me.

There’s a bit of walking here, but nothing exaggerated. On average, it’ll take only a quarter of an hour to go through the game once. It’s probably a little less than the time it takes to download it. The locations will be rather closed and small, so it’s difficult to get lost. But it’s good. There’ll also be a lot of jokes and impeccable humorfull of good manner. The game is not so much that it leads us by the hand, which rather allows you to follow the voice of our… midfielder. Or are we the helper of this person? Sometimes the border between the two roles is extremely blurry. The trouble of reviewing comes directly from the specificity of the title and my allergy to even trace amounts of spoilers combined with high empathythat’s why it’s hard to say anything more about the title without unduly betraying its most important aspects, which I’ll cover in a shroud of mystery.


Seriously, this game lasts a quarter of an hour, so a description of even the first few seconds of the game is likely to summarize the entire chapter of the book, or the first episode of the season. I’ve already said what I could. Although… I can add that it’s a first-person game, that probably won’t spoil too much. Oh, I can also say something about the narrator: splendid voice acting. Dialogue adequately matches the script and statements fitted to the context of the current situation in the game. Eh, I almost saw this nervous wreck of a guy… Enough, I’ve said too much. End.



– Humour

– Narrator

– Prank!

– It’s free


– Wouldn’t harm you with it’s length

– …with excess of interaction too

– Some achievements are very difficult to deduce, but there are guides

People who would play this game:

– Niccolo Machiavelli

– Harry Houdini

– Baron Munchausen

People who would not play this game:

– Arsen Lupine

– Thomas Crown

– Carmen Sandiego