A double sawbuck is a $20 dollar bill. Admit it. You were wondering.

See how easy that was?


Okay, seriously. It’s almost two weeks since what some people thought was an April Fools’ joke. But BountyMode is indeed that much closer to relaunching this summer. We’re really excited even though we’re, more or less, still a long way off.

We’d like to thank the brave wave of bounty hunters that’ve joined us at our basecamp. You’ve hit the ground running and are already reporting on indie gems from our Mission El Dorado. That’s awesome.

This little base-warming party’s being thrown in your honor. 🖖


BountyMode’s Discord-Exclusive Giveaway #1

You’ll need your fellow bounty hunters in the challenges to come. What if there’s a co-op achievement that you need to unlock? Or perhaps you can hunt down those cheevos, and they can chase after the others. Teamwork wins.

So, come break bread with other bounty hunters, skiptracers, and fixers in BountyMode’s Discord server. There’ll be GamerJuice. Promised.

The Giveaway

  • Grand Prize: 44 (forty-four!) indie games for Steam + Hunters-Up Prize
  • Hunters-Up Prize (x5): Double Sawbuck $20 Steam Gift Card
  • Deadline: Sunday, April 14th, 11:59 pm CEST

Of course, you’re wondering exactly which indie games those are. Here’s a list. When you win, you’ll get that sheet but with the Steam keys revealed.

But BountyMode’s Discord-Exclusive Giveaway #1 (yes, there’ll be #2, #3, and more) has a goal. As a matter of fact, it even has a stretch goal.

Goal: We’d like to welcome 100 bounty hunters with Steam-connected Discord accounts into our basecamp.

Stretch Goal: If we hit 200 new bounty hunters, we’ll run another Double Sawbuck Steam Gift Card giveaway with 5 more winners.

GiveawayBot is running the sweepstake, so it’s all going to come down to Fortune and Lady Luck.

Caveat: Only Discord accounts with Steam or Twitch connections, HypeSquad status, or some other verifiable connection will be eligible to win!

You can argue that you’ve only got a 5-10% chance of winning. But those odds are better than battle royale. And you know it, too. Besides, you can bring a friend—split the winnings. Just saying. 😏

“Discord-Exclusive Giveaway.” Now that’s what you call a mouthful. Let’s just say “DXG” from now on. If you decide to tweet about this, tag us and use #DXG.

Lady Luck 🍀 might see you.

Carpe Diem!