BountyMode is launching on June 17th. Repeat. BountyMode is launching on June 17th. 📣

Actually, it’s all really nerve-racking. 😬 There’s that saying about “no plan surviving first contact” that keeps setting alarm bells off. But we’re gamers, right? Just can’t say no to a challenge.

But nerves aside, the good news is that we’re working with a bunch of awesome indie studios and we’re talking to many more. When we launch, there’ll be a good number of bounty hunts and community challenges. And we’ve already got some insane, star-studded prizes lined up. 🤩

Still, you’ll have to bear with us because things may be a little buggy here and there. In fact, we can’t even say that we’re exiting beta. It’ll be ‘beta 2.0’. There’s still a lot of functionality to build out and we intend to keep all our promises. To you, and to ourselves.

Anyways, we’ve got the launch date figured out and locked down. So now it’s all just a countdown.

Shoutouts before the Challenge

Before we get into the challenge details, we definitely have to take a moment again to shout to everybody at our basecamp. 🎉 Your participation has helped us discover new indie games, and your feedback has helped us plan much better than we could’ve ever hoped to do on our own. Quite frankly, you all rock. We’re keeping a special surprise for you when we launch! 😉

The Countdown Challenge

As you probably guessed, this Cheevo Champions challenge will run from now until June 17th, our launch date.

The Challenge

  • Get 100% achievements in 5 indie games of your choice.
  • At least one of the games must have a “speedrun” or a “time attack” achievement to unlock (😈 Join us in the time pressure!). Make sure you write “speedrun” or “time attack” after the !gamerjuice command if it’s relevant.

Bonus Challenge 1

From any of the games you complete for the challenge, figure out any way to use the game mechanics or interface to spell out the word “BountyMode”. Be creative.

Unlocks: Bonus Prize 1 giveaway

Bonus Challenge 2

All the indie games you complete for the challenge have “speedrun” or “time attack” achievements.

Unlocks: Bonus Prize 2 giveaway


Follow the standard rules.

Deadline: June 17th, 11:59 pm CEST.

Prizes: As usual, we’ll be announcing the prizes in the days to follow, so stay tuned. However, the only hint for now is that Bonus Prize 2 is going to be absolutely ridiculous.

There’s some new GamerJuice in the house

Before you start the challenge, you may want to pass by our Cocktail Bar and pick some of the new GamerJuice we just brewed. It’s the one on the far left.

Looks tasty, right? That’s because it is. It’s concocted with a touch of slow motion and a dash of luck to help you win the challenge. It doesn’t have a name yet, but the grand prize winner of this challenge will have the honor of naming it. 😉

Carpe Diem!