A delightful fiction that will soon be your reality

So you beat the boss level, unlocked a few cheevos, and decide to call it a night. You’re about to shut down the system (because you’re eco-conscious like that) when it happens…

One of those hard-not-to-click email notifications raids your attention. You almost blow it off, but a glimpse of the subject line makes your eyes pop. Indeed, it would make any gamer’s eyes pop…

“…Achievements Unlocked. Claim your bounty…”

The sender is BountyMode, and that’s when — gaspingly — you remember! Now you get prizes in your inbox for unlocking Steam achievements!

Your nimble-fingered gameplay, quick-thinking, and refusal to give up in the face of morale-crushing “game over” screens will never go unrewarded again!

Why PC Gamers <3 the BountyMode Newsletter

The BountyMode Newsletter: gamers’ most beloved delivery service since Paperboy

Alright, that may be a bit of an overstatement but we’re very stingy with those. Most of the time.

What we can promise is that BountyMode is a hassle-free, plug-and-play reward system for Steam games. If you’re a gamer, you’ll never be matched with a more docile companion app.

What this really means, in the most sophisticated of expressions, is that the BountyMode Newsletter doesn’t run that spam bullsh*t.

Expect only these 3 ingredients from any BountyMode Newsletter:

(1) Bounties

Actually, our main purpose for sending you an email will be to deliver your bounty. That is, to make sure you securely receive a reward you earned by unlocking achievements in our challenges.

The only other time we’d send you an email would be for administrative purposes or feature updates. BountyMode is currently in beta, and we’re responsible for keeping you informed of changes.

Other than that, you won’t catch us littering your inbox. Mostly because we really don’t have any need to. Plus we’re cooler than that.

N.B.: If you go and ace our challenges all at once, there’ll be a delegation of messengers from BountyMode making a ruckus in your inbox. But that’s different and of a more pleasant nature.

(2) Stuff You Like

Ahem… As a matter of fact (and we forgot to mention it just now) you might receive a promotional newsletter from us once a month. But don’t close the page before you hear us out!

Still here? Phew.

You see the thing is, you’ll probably want to hear about new challenges as soon as we release them. Every challenge has a deadline on it after all, so the sooner you know, the faster you can act.

Still, we’ll track challenges that you participate in and we won’t send you notifications if we don’t strongly believe it would interest you. And only once a month at that.

Our goal is to never send you stuff that you don’t like. You can quote us on that.

(3) GamerJuice

GamerJuice is a delicious cocktail of our own creation. You’ll find it in every email and it’s always on the house. Are you ready for your first serving? Just sign up today!

Want to help make the BountyMode Newsletter and our platform great?

Once again, BountyMode is in beta — the reason why everything’s still so clunky.

If you’d like to join us on this journey of building the #1 reward platform for Steam gamers, there are a couple of simple things you could do:

  • Write to us through team@bountymode.com with feedback and ideas. Tell us what we’re doing wrong, right, and what we could do better.
  • Join us where you’re most comfy: SteamFacebookTwitter
  • Chat with us on Discord: that’s our basecamp.
  • And of course, play through lots of our bounties!

Thank you for reading and go on being the stuff of legend that you are!

Carpe Diem!