Rumor has it that hundreds of indie gems are hidden away in a technicolor land 🌈 called Arcadia. Just think about it! Steam Achievements to unlock, leaderboards to champion—pure paradise for a virtual excursion!

And actually, these aren’t rumors anymore. This is good intel. We’ve decided to venture into the great unknown and track all those indie gems down. But we need your help!

Feeling up to the challenge of joining our crusade into the El Dorado of indie games? Okay. Listen carefully, because this is a secret…

How to join BountyMode’s Indie Gem Hunt

Report to the BountyMode basecamp, find any Agent, and whisper the password ‘Arcadia’.

After a quick background and security check, you’ll be brought into ‘The Bureau’ where you’ll receive your personal assignment. (“Should you choose to accept it”—you know, said in that Mission Impossible voice.)

We’re currently looking for two particular sets of skills.

Bloggers/Reviewers (a.k.a. Skiptracers)

Do you enjoy digging for the most obscure indie games and writing about your findings? It doesn’t matter if you prefer quick reviews or in-depth reports. We’ve got a task for you.

It also doesn’t matter if you’ve already got your own blog where you write about this stuff. Come, let’s whisper together.

Multimedia Artists (a.k.a. Fixers)

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re the kind of gamer who likes toting visual proof of your conquests, we’ve got endless snap-shooting assignments. 🎥

Perhaps you’re just an aspiring streamer, video game photographer, or meme-o-grapher—but we want to hear from you.

Claim Your Indie Gem Hunting Gear

Join BountyMode's Indie Gem Hunt

If you’re planning on joining us for this adventure, then that preppy outfit isn’t gonna fly. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Squad up with us for some real bounty hunter’s gear and supercool gadgets. New recruits will soon find out just exactly what that is. 😉

So now you’re all caught up on the latest scoop. There’s only one word of caution. If you do intend to become an Agent, please come prepared with at least some minimal proof of your skills.

GamerJuice. Over and out.

Carpe Diem!