After gallons of cocktails and a giveaway of 44 indie games plus double sawbuck Steam gift cards, DXG #1 ended!

While we’re recovering from the hangover, the good news is that we hit our stretch goal. BountyMode’s basecamp is now the hideout of 200+ bounty hunters and there’s lots more coming up.

BountyMode Basecamp Updates

As we were waist-deep in the after-party clean up, we had two new ideas for restructuring the basecamp. Before we get into that, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who particpated and provided feedback. You rock!

Okay, here’s what’s new:

Cocktail Bar


Our basecamp’s cocktail bar isn’t new per se, but it’s time we shifted general conversations to that channel. The general channel will now be the landing port for newcomers, so we’d advise bounty hunters to mute it. Besides, you can now sip on GamerJuice in the cocktail bar. 🍹😋

Seriously, try it.

Cheevo Champions

There’s a new role to unlock: Cheevo Champion. Cheevo Champions get access to exclusive bi-monthly giveaways in BountyMode’s basecamp. The criteria may change from time to time, so keep your eyes on the bulletin board. However, this is how it works by default:

  • Post your latest indie game hundos in the Trophy Room: the 100% completions you post should have been achieved at most 3 days prior to posting.
  • Gather XP for posting hundos: Eventually you’ll rank up to Cheevo Champion. (You can check your current XP using MEE6’s !rank command in the general channel or in the cocktail bar.)
  • Unlock the 👑 Champion Lounge: Once you become a Cheevo Champion, you’ll unlock the Champion Lounge where you can vote for exclusive giveaways.

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to post in the Trophy Room once every hour. Also, remember that the hundos you post should be indie games.

Of course, Cheevo Champion stats will be reset after every Cheevo Champion giveaway. 😇The first one will be on April 30th.

Finally, when a fellow bounty hunter posts a hundo in the Trophy Room, be a good sport and hand them a glass of GamerJuice.

We’re still on the lookout for new agents to join us in ‘The Bureau’. If you’re interested, you can do it the old-fashioned way, or you can notify us when you get to the checkpoint.

Carpe Diem!