It’s time to play Steam games in #BountyMode!

The coolest game mode to never exist — up until the BountyMode Beta, that is!

Unlock Steam Achievements and win rewards on BountyMode

That’s right. From now on, you’ll earn rewards (free PC games, DLCs, exclusives, etc.) for unlocking Steam achievements!

No, we’re not kidding. Why? Do we look like we’re kidding? 🤨

Whether you’re a casual clicker or a hardcore completionist, the BountyMode Beta has a spot for you.

Unlock Steam Achievements = Score Rewards

It’s really that simple. But of course we’re not just talking about any Steam achievements. That would be way too easy. 😈

No-ho-ho-ho, take it easy. We’re not talking about those impossibly difficult rewards that take eons to unlock either.

What we do at BountyMode is curate an interesting lineup of Steam achievements from handpicked titles that we challenge you to unlock. If you do — and you must be on time — you score rewards.

Rewards exist in two tiers — “Limited” and “Unlimited”.

You guessed right! Limited Rewards are more valuable. During the BountyMode Beta, we’ll aim for anywhere between 100-1000 Limited Rewards. We’re looking forward to increasing that number when we’re out of beta.

If you’re sore about the Limited Rewards, then you should know that the more bounty hunters, the more prizes.

So be the bearer of good news. Share, tweet, and email your friends. Here: you can retweet our welcome tweet right now.

Limited Rewards will simply be given to the first X number of players that meet a bounty’s requirements.

Slower bounty hunters will get the unlimited rewards. But there’ll always be GamerJuice for everybody. Toast to that! 🍹

Plug & Play: no profiles needed

Gamers won’t find a more docile companion app than BountyMode.

All you need to do is connect your Steam account, provide your email address, select a bounty, and go play!

You don’t need to worry about creating a profile or checking a leaderboard or anything. Bounties will be delivered directly and securely to your inbox.

You will need to make sure your Steam account settings are set to “Public”. But that’s all the tinkering you’ll need to do.

After that, just play, sit back, and wait for our magic emails.

(As a note, there will be profiles in the future, but BountyMode’s core functionality won’t change.)

The coolest PC gaming newsletter on the planet.

Please believe it!

OK. We may not be there yet officially (ahem) but it’s a reality in the pipeline.

No spam. No spitballing you with offers you couldn’t care less about. Just hard-earned bounties, stuff you like, and, of course, GamerJuice. 😋

You can just sign up now or learn more about Why PC Gamers <3 The BountyMode Newsletter.

Some say it’s the coolest delivery service for gamers since Paperboy. 🤥

Hey! We said some. But you could be one of them!

Weekly Cheevo Challenges

Because that’s what it’s all about! Getting some direction on what to play next, experiencing games fully, and clearing that Nile-long backlog.

We’ll also have flash challenges, shorter, and maybe even longer duration challenges, but our Weekly Cheevo Challenges will be right up most people’s alley.

…Right up most people’s alley. Did you feel that? That tingly sensation of how connected we are? We did. 🧘

At BountyMode, we believe that overcoming challenges defines us as individuals. We can’t wait to meet all of you legends out there.

If you’re  curious about what a bounty looks like, check out our first series.

Discover Hidden Gems

You’ll find plenty of disdainful rants about all the achievement spam games that there are on Steam. We agree, and we’ll generally steer clear of those game-shaped objects.

Keep in mind, this isn’t to bash any GamerJuice-blooded, leave-no-witnesses achievement hunters. But when we say we’re going to curate challenges we intend to do just that.

The truth is, you just don’t hear enough about all the hidden gems there are on Steam.

By now the term “hidden gem” sounds like a cliché — but trust us; you’ll be surprised. We heartily encourage you to try out new games and especially support indie development.

We’ll try to point you in the direction of good deals if we spot any but, honestly, there are far greater apps and communities for that.

The BountyMode Beta has prerequisite Steam Groups.

This is the BountyMode Beta, after all. I mean, we had to roll out the red carpet for you at some sort of gateway.

In order to join the BountyMode Beta you will need to belong to all of these Steam groups.

Why? Well, the first one is obvious. 😉 But 100pAG and Astats are the perfect ushers (and brawny bouncers!). 💪

The 100pAG and AStats communities are all about achievement hunting. They cheer you on and give you tips for reaching your goals.

Rumor has it they also have cheater snipers (may perpetual light shine upon their blessed hearts — *nudge* — chant with us) who’ll pop a wig faster than you can say “Steam Achievement Manager”.

Don’t even dream about cheating.

Not even daydreaming about cheating gets a pass.

In fact, we kept this part for last hoping we’d lose some cheaters down the line. Why, how we’d love to catch and drag their humbug asses out to the public square for shaming. 🤬 cheaters.

*Clears throat.*

We are firmly against cheating and we believe we don’t have to spell out what that means.

If you’re truly not certain what qualifies as cheating, just follow the AStats guidelines to be safe. Also, read our FAQ to be clear about bounty eligibility.

“Fair play” is a value we hold at heart and cheating is the antithesis of the achievement hunting spirit we want to foster at BountyMode.

The word “bounty” stems from the Latin “bonitās”, meaning “goodness”. Please keep that in mind.

We will ban any Steam account that gets caught cheating, and that was all she wrote.

Thanks for reading our introduction to the BountyMode Beta. We’re really excited to see where this goes and we’re thrilled you’re on the adventure with us!

If you have questions (we’re sure you do), write to us via or you might want to check out our FAQ first.

Carpe Diem!