You know how people say “don’t blink, you might miss it”? Well, there’s this eerie indie game, Blink, where you basically have to do exactly that. “Blink” and “miss it”, that is.

Two college students, Ryan Sligh and Loic Ferdinandi, are the brain and muscle behind a fledgling indie studio, nextReality Games.

Their debut indie game, Blink, demands that you use both twitch reflexes and lateral thinking to progress.

We’re pretty impressed with this little indie gem. nextReality Games has managed to augment fairly basic gameplay mechanics with slick level design, charming art, and classic storytelling.

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Blink | Bounty #1

Blink – Intro

The story unfolds with a disturbing scene where your father mysteriously… disappears? It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill prologue, but Blink‘s focus isn’t actually the story itself.

The real focus is on the interesting mental tug-of-war that you have to play between light and dark. You perceive the world from the 2D vantage point of a supernatural ‘Eye’. The Eye’s “blink” temporarily renders everything around you immaterial, but it turns afterimages of light into solid objects.

You need to use this–often treacherous–ability to solve puzzles and complete the game’s challenges. It’s only 9 Steam Achievements to 100% and they’re pretty fun ones.

Blink | Bounty #1

Blink – Bounty Announcement


We’re putting out a bounty for the following Blink achievements:

  • Heart of the Shadows: Destroy the Shadow’s core.
  • Hardcore Parkour: The rooftops are your playground, your dojo.
  • Limited Rewards: Free bundle of your choice from IndieGala + Blink Original Soundtrack | 100 available
  • Unlimited Rewards: Exclusive IndieGala Voucher for 50% off bundle of your choice*

*An Exclusive IndieGala Voucher, like the name suggests, is redeemable only on the IndieGala store.

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