We’re hit with failures all the time — some more than others. But as you know, part of being an achievement hunter is relentlessly hitting that ‘continue’ button on ‘game over’ screens. This is why we give mad props to Team Kryll — the indie dev studio behind Below Kryll.

Below Kryll is by no means a failure. However, we have a hunch that the game devs really know a thing or two about the indie struggle.

Team Kryll pushed this project through a failed Indiegogo campaign and into a weak launch on Steam over 3 years ago. Chances are Below Kryll hasn’t even blipped on the periphery of your radar.

Still, trust us, you might easily become one of the fervent few who play it, love it, and own it. Don’t take our word for it, ask John Walker, Senior Editor at Rock, Paper, Shotgun. (You know, namedropping works sometimes. 😁)

Now, get ready for one helluva bounty hunt!

If you want, skip the intro and scroll down to the bounty announcement further below or just start hunting now.

Best Deal for Below Kryll

You might already have Below Kryll if you collected IndieGala’s Hump Day Bundle #56.

If not, we recommend supporting the devs — and the game’s awesome community — by picking it up on Steam where it’s only $4.99. (Extra GamerJuice for everyone who does this! 🍹)


Team Kryll has even put up a demo if you want to try it out first.

Below Kryll – intro

When you first set eyes on Below Kryll, the burst of color and anachronistic juxtaposition (🤓 that’s the only way to describe it!) of items is a little weird.

To be honest, you wouldn’t be the first if you mistook it for some asset flipping clone. Luckily, what you’re looking at is one of the past 3 years’ true hidden indie gems.

On the one hand, Below Kryll is a single-player 2D side-scrolling action-RPG. But on the other, it’s an online, continuous world composed of developer and community-crafted adventures.

We know from experience that it takes a while for it to sink in just how rich Below Kryll actually is. So we’re not going to waste time with explanations.

If slick platforming immersed in elaborate stories, puzzles, action, beautiful pixel art, and upbeat music is your thing, then head Below Kryll now.

Like Team Kryll says, “there are literally hundreds of hours of quality gameplay”. We hope this bounty hunt adds to the fun of a few of them.


Below Kryll – Bounty Announcement


We’re putting out a bounty for the following Below Kryll achievements:

  • Marco Polo: Complete 10 adventures
  • Shuriken Grabber: Perfect 10 adventures
  • Limited Rewards: Free bundle of your choice from IndieGala | 500 available
  • Unlimited Rewards: Exclusive IndieGala Voucher for 50% off bundle of your choice*

*An Exclusive IndieGala Voucher, like the name suggests, is redeemable only on the IndieGala store.

Steam Group Prerequisites

You must belong to the following Steam groups to be eligible for this bounty:


You must complete the tasks for this bounty before: October 30th, 12:00 am GMT.

Carpe Diem!

This bounty is sponsored by IndieGala.

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