A sneak peek of BountyMode’s new interface, a launch date before the summer solstice, a Twitter giveaway, and… an upcoming mini-game? That’s right. We’ve got some exciting new updates as we prepare to exit April and enter the merry month of May.

Coz We Like To Partay

Before we drop the details of our updates, we’d like to cordially invite you to BountyMode’s DXG #2 on April 30th. Save the date! And the location is at our basecamp.

Come break bread with dozens of other bounty hunters, toast with GamerJuice, and win some insane prizes.

Now, let’s take a look at those updates!

BountyMode’s Interface


When we prototyped BountyMode last year, our interface was exactly that—a prototype. What we were really concerned with was testing our Steam achievement tracking algorithm. We were confident it was cheat-proof in theory, we just needed to see it in practice.

The result of our logic-driven approach wasn’t good news for the website’s interface. Bland and clunky, it just managed to get the job done.

Since then, we’ve teamed up with an amazing designer (whom we’ll be introducing to you soon) that’s done a stellar job for the platform. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of BountyMode’s new interface.


We’ve still got our trusty gamer’s desktop image—we won’t be getting rid of that anytime soon. But as you can see, we’ll be launching with a profile section where you can keep track of your bounty hunts and prizes. And we’re sorry. We had to blot out one menu item because that would ruin the surprise we have for you when we launch. Speaking of launch…

BountyMode’s Launch Date…

We’ll be launching—actually, relaunching—BountyMode’s achievement hunting platform before the summer solstice. For those of you less astronomy-inclined gamers, that’s before the end of June.

We still can’t get too specific with the date just yet, but we’re almost there!

The Farewell Bounty Hunt

We want to give BountyMode’s prototype interface the goodnight kiss it deserves. After all, it did serve us well. On that doleful note, we’ll be running one final bounty hunt in early May to say farewell, old friend.

Stay tuned for details. However, keep in mind that the “farewell bounty hunt” will be accessible by everyone, but only members of our Steam group or Discord server will be eligible to win prizes.

Cheevo Champion in the Basecamp!

After our first and most recent DXG, we announced the Cheevo Champion bi-monthly challenge. Cheevo Champions get access to an exclusive giveaway featuring the latest and greatest indie games. Like the ones you see below.

On April 30th, all BountyMode’s Cheevo Champions will enter a lucky draw for God’s Trigger, Katana ZERO, and ISLANDERS. They’ll be able to select any two of these titles, and name any third indie game off their personal wishlist as well.

If you’re hoping to become a Cheevo Champion in time for this exclusive giveaway, there are still a few more days. Start here.

What’s this about a mini-game?

We’ve got a “no spoilers” policy at BountyMode, so we can’t give away too much about our very own, in-house, upcoming mini-game!

However, here are some quick facts.

  • The mini-game’s central theme is GamerJuice.
  • It will be browser-based.
  • It will have redeemable rewards.
  • It’s inspired by an indie game you should know very well.
  • There’ll be an open beta in early May.

And that’s all we can say for now. Phew! Those are a bunch of updates for one blog post. We’d better pen off now.

Oh yeah, before we forget, we’ve got a Twitter giveaway going on from now until April 30th. (It’s going to be one helluva end-of-month party!) Follow us on Twitter and retweet our post. Up to 50 winners will walk away with $5 Steam gift cards!

Carpe Diem!