In the twilight of 2018, fate hurled BountyMode’s beta into a deep, dark abyss. All seemed lost. But alas, the bounty hunters sent the fortune fairy 🧚🏽 down into the abyss with a phoenix feather… It took months, but…

BountyMode lives!

Are you ready to unlock Steam Achievements and win rewards? Prepare yourself for legendary bounty hunts, adventures with the coolest indie games, and spoils for the victorious! But first…

BountyMode is still in the intensive care unit…

We’ve resurrected from an early death, true, but we haven’t fully recovered yet. It’ll require several more weeks of intensive care to restore full functionality and get all systems operating. You can help!

Join us in BountyMode’s official Discord server and find out how you can help the community with our re-launch.

How To Prepare for BountyMode

When BountyMode relaunches this summer (that’s very soon) it won’t quite be the same as before. This will mean different things for bounty hunters as well as indie game developers. Here’s what you can expect:

For Bounty Hunters

First of all, we’re still in beta. But we can update that; we can call it “BountyMode version 0.2”. That’s because you’ll still find all the original BountyMode functionality plus a few extra bits. Still, there’s lots more to complete before we can have a full version 1.0.

As you can see, the current BountyMode features are pretty minimalistic. Our intention is for BountyMode to always be a plug-and-play experience.

We’d like you to spend more time having fun 🎮 and hunting cheevos as opposed to rummaging around the site.

Still, we also believe that a bounty hunter deserves a little more catering pre- and post-challenge than our current rickety setup provides.

For instance, how about a comfy place to sip that GamerJuice? (No, we’re not kidding. Why do you always think we’re kidding?)

Please allow us to share 5 key BountyMode features you can expect in our next major update. (Which should be sometime soon… 🤔)

(1) Profiles

🤯 OK. We know this would seem like a no-brainer and something that we should have started out with.

The truth is, we want to design a system where we take as little user data as possible. Privacy is so important to us.

So, we decided to take a step back and ideate a system that only collects data that (a) is relevant to your bounties, and (b) can’t be abused.

That said, your next question is probably: why would I need a profile in the first place? Well, to the victor go the spoils…

(2) Gems

You’re a born and bred cheevo hunter asking: So don’t I get anything if I already unlocked the achievements?

Of course you do. You didn’t think we’d not pay homage to the vanguard of achievement hunting, did you?

Gems will be earned in precisely three ways:

  1. By participating in a bounty hunt in which you had already unlocked all of the achievements (because you won’t be eligible for that bounty).
  2. As part of a bounty package.
  3. By undertaking a legacy bounty hunt (see feature 4 – Legacy Bounty Hunts).

What will you be able to do with Gems? 😲 Are you kidding, now? What does any bounty hunter with a pocket full of Gems do? Get more gaming goodies, of course!

(3) Trophies

For competitive achievement hunting, we strongly recommend AStats.

If you’re a non-competitive achievement hunter who nonetheless wants an eye on all your stats, we highly recommend

We’re saying this because we won’t be doing any achievement tracking when they’re already doing such a great job at it. Why [even try to] reinvent the wheel?

Instead, you’ll be able to win Trophies in some of our challenges to highlight your skills. After all, a little vanity never hurt anyone except Marie Antoinette.

One thing for sure is that you’re going to have a jocular time lining your Trophy Room.

(4) Legacy Bounty Hunts

It kinda sucks when you can’t go on a bounty hunt because you have to work. Or—your rig went haywire. Or—you’re grounded. Or—heaven forbid—your mom confiscated the Nintendo control pads… 😢

Oh, wait. What? Are you saying this isn’t therapy?

*Clears throat.*

Anyways, in the future you’ll be able to undertake past bounty hunts. These are called Legacy Bounty Hunts and you’ll score Gems for completing them.

And Gems are shiny and stuff but I don’t think all the Gems in the world would’ve convinced her to give me back those Nintendo control pads. 😭


(5) Cocktail Bar

AHA! Told you we weren’t kidding. Like we said, you’re going to have a comfy place to sip your GamerJuice, lounge, and sing merry songs of Carpe Diem!

And, of course, you’ll be cutting the ribbon yourself!

For Indie Game Developers

As you may already know, BountyMode was first created to take gamers into the hearts of indie gems. Here are some things you can expect:

(1) Marketing Tips & Resources

BountyMode is guided by a death-defying spirit. We know that indie devs could use some of that to survive the harsh realities of the “indiepocalyptic” landscape.

So, accompanied by our wisest friends (like Aesop, author of ‘The Indie Dev Who Cried Discount’), we’re going to be sharing tips and resources for indies.

Really—you can start with ‘The Indie Dev Who Cried Discount’ by Aesop.

(2) Indie Hype Squad

“Getting the word out” is probably the biggest challenge facing every indie dev. Competition is deadly fierce.

But bounty hunters want to see your indie game succeed. They want to add its achievements to their trophy room. That’s why BountyMode is putting together an indie hype squad to make your game updates get a megaphone blast.

Join our Discord server for more info.

(3) *Secret New Feature*

Email us with “Secret New Feature” in the subject line if you’re an indie dev. You’re in for a mind-blowing surprise.

Penny for your thoughts on the upcoming BountyMode features?

Naturally, we want to hear everything you think about the upcoming BountyMode features. Drop a line; join our Discord server, message us on Facebook, Twitter, or send us a mail.

Seriously, we don’t want to parade our new update in the emperor’s new clothes. (We’re not that progressive yet.)

Carpe Diem!